CleverPrint CleverPrint2016

Environmentally-friendly print manager


  • Works as a virtual printer
  • Compatible with any printing-capable Windows app
  • Exports to PDF and a wide variety of image formats


  • Letterheads have to be created in another application

Very good

Now that we all seem to care so much about the environment, having a printing manager like CleverPrint was only a question of time.

CleverPrint is a virtual printer to which you can send documents from any Windows application, as long as it has support for printing. Once on CleverPrint's interface, you'll be able to organize one or several documents in different layouts, add a watermark or a letterhead, remove borders or graphics and even customize the sheet's background color. The program includes a basic editor to create watermarks, but letterheads need to be created with another application.

When you're finished, CleverPrint lets you choose the printer to which you want to send the document, or you may also use the Print&Close function and send it to the default system printer. Other more environmental-friendly options include exporting the document to PDF or a variety of graphic formats, and sending it by email right away.

CleverPrint features a nicely-designed interface with a ribbon-styled toolbar – just like the one in Office 2007 – which makes it very visually appealing and really easy to use.

If you want to take control of how your documents are printed and save as much paper as possible, CleverPrint is the tool you're looking for.

CleverPrint supports the following formats


Perfect Printing: Saves 50% of printing costs with CleverPrint

CleverPrint cuts down your printing costs. CleverPrint allows you to trim your printing costs. Print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper, remove specific pages, or cancel print jobs before you waste paper and toner.

The Print Preview shows precisely how the job will be printed. This makes it easier for you to decide whether to print now or cancel so you can modify the job.

CleverPrint saves and manages letterheads and can print them on any document you want.



CleverPrint CleverPrint2016

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